• Organisation and performance improvement of existing operations
  • Streamlining of logistic procedures both internally and externally.
  • Implementing and improving product costing and budgeting measurers.
  • Feasibility study for new enterprises and ventures.
  • Oversee the implementation of solutions to maximize benefits.

Our objective to industry is extremely clear. We implement our suggested strategies after consultation and build a relationship with our clients. We are focused on assisting our clients to optimize profits through improvement of specific activities.

We participate fully in the execution and implementation of the agreed consultancy. We take a completely objective view and bring an independent and impartial knowledge to the solution. We recognize that a company’s problem is unique, so we provide help from shop floor to board room. We never use pre-packed solutions.


  • Our team provides strategic and tactile plans based on identified strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of marketing, planning, processing and financing of a product or process and then provide techniques for improvement, where applicable.
  • We identify the activities of the operating company, their methods, control systems, labour, maintenance, planning and inventory systems to name a few.
  • Once areas of concern are identified from above, then discussions will be held on how to achieve cost reduction, quality improvements and system modifications.
  • We can also carry out an investigation on present products or potential new products with a view to improving or modifying production procedures.
  • The company will then follow up their modifications or improvements with reviews and upgrading, if necessary, making sure productivity is being maintained.

The work that Henry Day & Sons Ltd has done recently has been in the UK, but work has been done for a Saudi Arabian manufacturer and Charles Day has been working with a progressive Mongolian company since 2003.

Charles Day is a Fellow of the Independent Consultants Consortium