Henry Day & Sons Ltd has been in the textile industry since its foundation in 1844 in Dewsbury and was the premier fiber reclaimer to most of the woollen manufacturers in the UK and Europe. It is still run by Charles Day the great great grandson of the founder.

They supply the trade with reclaimed fibers and virgin materials or a mixture of both. The company is versatile and offers a complete service to our customers all over the world.

Charles Day is a renowned expert in the woollen industry, with over 40 years in the trade.
A natural progression was to become a consultant with his experience in marketing, purchasing, planning, processing and sales. He is a Fellow of the Independent Consultants Consortium and a Licentiate of the Textile Institute. He is a Past President of Dewsbury Rotary Club and is Chairman of the Wakefield Tax Commissioners.


Henry Day & Sons Ltd was part of the many Heavy Woollen District textile manufacturing companies who made and supplied cloth to countries all over the world, who were at war. The District was the only manufacture of military clothing in the world.

The companies made everything for the soldiers, sailors and ultimately airmen from coloured blankets to the uniforms, great coats, shirts, putties and shell cases. All these items were made from reclaimed and virgin wool fiber.

When synthetic fibers emerged, then the woollen textile industry in the UK started to decline. Although there are still some woollen cloths being made for the forces it is only a fraction of what was made.